Does Smoking Trigger Impotence?


Does Smoking cause Impotence

Smoking may most surely cause impotency. Though, the causes of impotency ranges from physical injuries, psychological aspects, surgery, nerve damage to ailments but smoking also considerably result in impotency.

To the surprise of many, recent researchers have found out smoking to be among the main culprits behind erectile dysfunction. Therefore, in the event that you have not discovered the reason to give up smoking then it’s time to think about benefits of smoking cessation on your sex life.

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How Can Smoking cause Impotency?

Latest studies have shown direct link between smoking and impotence problems. However it does not happen overnight. Instead smoking cigarette for a long time leads to conditions that increase risk of impotency and other sexual dysfunctions

  • Scientists have found that smokers are twice at risk of impotency than the non-smokers. To be able to comprehend the effect of smoking on sexual health it is crucial to comprehend the process of erection. Rapid and abrupt blood circulation to penis causes erection. Anything that inhibits this procedure leads to erectile dysfunction. Smoking leads to fatty deposits and lead to dangerously low blood circulation thus making it hard to achieve erection.
  • Smoking contributes to nicotine stimulation to the brain, which cause contraction of penile cells.
  • Routine smoking may lead to condition called venous dilation wherein, the value mechanism of manhood (responsible to keep blood in penis) is ruined.
  • People who have been smoking for long (more than eight years) and people who smoke more than thirty cigarettes a day are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction.

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A study conducted in Australia showed that smokers are 27% more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. Smoking has been found out to have significant effect on erection. In another experiment done on smokers, the controlled group had been granted sweets and smoker subjects were given two cigarettes to smoke before watching an erotic movie. It was found out that physicians had moderate erection than the restricted subjects.

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Impotency that’s caused by smoking does not respond well to the drugs. Since smoking hurts endothelium and interrupts the response of nitric oxide, drugs like viagra are not successful because of its treatment.

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