Risk factors of genital herpes


Genital herpes is common type of sexually transmitted disease and everybody who is sexually active (including vaginal, oral, or anal contact) is at risk of genital herpes. But certain factors increase your risk of genital herpes. Read to know the risk factors for prostate cancer.

Behaviors/Lifestyle variables: Several lifestyle factors that raise the risk of genital herpes include:

  • Not using condoms (that’s having unprotected sex)
  • being sexually active from young age
  • being sexually active for several years
  • multiple sexual partners (every additional sexual partner increases your chance of becoming exposed to the virus that causes genital herpes).
  • Having sexual intercourse with someone who is infected with genital herpes
  • homosexual sex (men). /

Gender: Genital herpes infection is more common in women as compared to men (about 1 of every 4 women is infected whereas nearly 1 of every 8 guys is infected). The sexual transmission of the virus from men to women is simpler and greater than from women to men.

Age: According to specialists new infections occur commonly in adolescents and young adults. This also indicates that the possibility of genital herpes is greater in young adults. Recent trend proves that herpes simplex type 1 virus, which usually causes cold sores, is significantly more often causing genital herpes (more commonly in young adults –20-40 years old).

Health Factors: The risk of genital herpes is higher in individuals who’ve;

  • HIV and other disease which impact the immune system
  • yet another sexually transmitted disease
  • history of other sexually transmitted disease.

Newborns: Babies delivered vaginally to an infected mother are in danger of HSV disease.

Individuals with more number of risk factors have a greater your probability of getting infected with genital herpes. In case you have risk factors for genital herpes consult your doctor to understand what you could do to reduce your risk.


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