Inexpensive HIV Evaluation Utilizing DVD scanners Soon


Cheap HIV Test using DVD scanners Soon

Researchers said the cheap optics in DVD players can discover a new life in a cheap and speedy technique for on-the-spot HIV/AIDS testing and additional analytics. The breakthrough generates the possibility of an inexpensive and simple-to-use tool that could have far-reaching gains in healthcare in the developing world.

The so-called “Lab-on-DVD” technology makes it possible to complete an HIV test in just a couple of minutes. At a proof of concept demonstration, the researchers collected cell-type CD4 + from bloodstream and visualised it using the DVD reader technologies, DVD LSM.

Enumeration of those cells with flow cytometry is now standard in HIV testing, however, the noun was limited in developing countries. Russom states DVD-based technology will provide an appealing option.

The Lab-on-DVD reaps 30 decades of research and development on optical storage technology to create an alternative to flow cytometry, the conventional equipment for hospitals.

Flow cytometry units may cost upwards of USD 30,000, excluding maintenance. By comparison, mass-produced Lab-on-DVD units can be made available for under USD 200, Russom said.

And with no bulky and technically-complex flow cytometry tools, a Lab-on-DVD would be mobile and require less training to function.

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