How to Reduce STD Risks when Sharing Sex Toys


Sex toys are largely in trend at the recent days, they add spice to a person or a couple’s sex life. It may occur that you talk about your sexual toys with somebody, but is that a totally safe option?

The simple fact is that sex toys are a lot better if used on one person only. Vaginal blood and fluids are the stuff the sex toys go through. It is not a fantastic idea to use sex toys with such stuff on another individual, since you expose them to lots of infections. Harmful bacteria can also develop in broken holes of the sex toys as time passes. You can lessen the risks of STD in sharing sex toys by following some security precautions. However, in case you absolutely have to use sex toys then here are some ways in which you can reduce danger of sharing STDs!

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How safe is it to Share Sex Toys

The fact is that if both healthy individuals are already sharing fluids through oral sex and sex then there cannot be much danger added to sharing sex toys, if only they’re monogamous. But, one has to recall that STDs can be transmitted via sex toys when among the individual has STD. Therefore, then it becomes a risk and so we state it’s not a good idea.

Then, one of the safest ways to talk about sex toys would be to clean the toy. Sex toys made from silicone, Lucite, glass and metal is readily cleaned. The only way it could transmit a sexual disorder is when you do not wash the toy satisfactorily. The danger increases if someone uses the item directly after the other has used it. The more the gap between the usages of the sex toy, the safer it is.

Proper Cleaning Process

An individual must use a cleaner which is specifically made to clean sex toys, and one may also use a mild soap and warm water. You must remember to not submerge a sex toy that’s run by battery or an electric non-waterproof vibrator. Toys made of silicone and Pyrex can be boiled or you may wash them in the dishwasher, this can be done only in case they don’t have any electrical parts.

Sometimes leftover residue can bring about the actual trouble, and that is the reason you have to be very sure about its cleanliness.

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Some Tips to Lessen the STD Risks of Sharing Sex Toys

•  Use condoms and change them moving from 1 area of the body to another.
•  The same needs to be performed when changing partners.
•  Learn how to clean your sex toy. Salespersons at stores of sex toys will let you know more about the proper cleaning procedures.
•   It is not a good idea to clean out the sex toys by submersion in boiling water. It’s good only for those toys which do not have moving or electric pieces.
•   Search for virtually any crack on your toys. It may be time to replace them.

While it is good to take precautions to lessen STD Risks when sharing sex toys, the most sensible and most sensible thing to do would be to not use 1 sex toy with multiple partner or avoid multiple sex partners entirely.

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