What’s the treatment of Sexual Problems in Diabetics?


Remedy for erectile dysfunction

Treatments for erectile dysfunction caused by nerve damage, also referred to as hepatitis, differ widely and include oral pills, a vacuum pump, pellets placed in the urethra, and also shots right into the penis, to operation. Each one of these methods have advantages and disadvantages. Psychological counseling to reduce anxiety or address other issues may be critical. Surgery to implant a device to assist in erection or to fix arteries is usually used as a treatment after others fail.

Remedy for Retrograde ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation brought on by diabetes or operation may be helped with a medication that strengthens the muscle tone of the sphincter in the bladder. A urologist experienced infertility therapies may help with methods to encourage fertility, like collecting sperm in the pee and then using the sperm for artificial insemination.

Treatment for Girls

Women who experience sexual problems or see a change in sexual reaction should consider speaking with a health care provider. The health care provider will ask about the patient’s medical history, any gynecologic conditions or infections, the type and frequency of sexual problems, drugs, smoking and drinking habits, and other health conditions. The health care provider may ask whether the patient may be pregnant or has attained menopause and if she’s depressed or has recently experienced upsetting changes in her life. A physical examination and lab tests may also help pinpoint causes of sexual problems. The healthcare provider will also speak with the patient about blood sugar management.

Prescription or over-the-counter vaginal lubricants may be beneficial for women experiencing vaginal dryness. Methods to treat diminished sexual reaction include changes in position and stimulation during sexual relations. Psychological counseling may be useful. Kegel exercises that help strengthen the pelvic muscles may improve sexual response. Studies of medication treatments are under way.


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