The Way to Get Your Man to Last Longer in Bed


Premature ejaculation isn’t simply a medical problem, but an embarrassment. Much like it is, premature ejaculation happens to be a common problem affecting tens of thousands of guys. A whole lot of men, who have problems with premature ejaculation, are reluctant to talk about it. For those men, who fear rejection in bed, this is some great news: premature ejaculation is one of the simplest sexual disorders that affects men and can be solved. If you are a woman and would like to help your guy stay longer in bed, take a look at those steps.

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Have sex as often as you could

Often, it so happens that men, who wait far too long between sexual experiences tend to mentally construct the pressure up. Thus, when they really do have sex, then they are inclined to ejaculate fast. Have sex with your spouse more often to help him make early ejaculate a fading memory.

Hold off

Tell your guy to hold off ejaculation when he is about to. Tell him to try stimulating the penis until the point of orgasm and then quitting completely. Repeating the pattern will help your man hold off orgasm for a longer period.

Ask him to try kegel exercises

Although, Kegel exercises have been traditionally done by women, these may also help men struggle premature ejaculation. To do kegel exercises, ask your guy to tighten the muscles of the buttock and hold for a second. Doing so workout for 15 days without stopping in between might help strengthen the muscles that are used during orgasm. Gradually increase repetitions to 70 within a span of a few weeks.   Perform twice daily.

Try different positions

A lot of men get over stimulated in the missionary position. Accordingly, by changing places while doing sex, you may supply your man with minimal stimulation to the penis, thereby delaying the climax.

Change his diet

As men age, the amount of cholesterol and cholesterol that they have is likely to influence their erection and the total amount of time that it lasts. Attempt to change his diet and make him change to one that has less cholesterol and fat content.

The most significant step to ensuring that your partner stays longer in bed is to make sure that both of you’re comfortable. Do not make him do anything just because you would like to fulfill your sexual needs. Premature ejaculation can simply be solved if the steps to fight it are bred in a comfortable atmosphere.

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