How Anxiety is Worse for Women


Although some reports state that estrogen helps women cope stress better than guys, a new study asserts that stress affects girls worse than it affects men.

A stressed womanUrban lifestyle could be blamed for it. Work deadlines, contest, household responsibilities and inconsistent relationships have made stress a component of our own lives.

But the need of a joyful and healthy lifestyle cannot be stressed enough. Stress not only affects the brain and its own powers but harms the entire body.

This is why women should direct a stress-free life-

To Save your Hair: Every girl goes through hair fall because of anxiety. It’s a self-realised fact. Emotional or psychological stress can result in a substantial quantity of hair to break.

To Fight Depression: Not only stress, but depression also targets women twice as likely as it targets guys.   These two devils are directly proportional, so preventing you to finish another is important.

To Avoid Gaining Weight: According to the study conducted, weight reduction in women due to anxiety is rather common. Though weight gain in girls is also correlated with different aspects, nevertheless stress is shown to be among the greatest reasons behind women putting on extra kilos.

To keep Sex Drive: Important changes in life that contributes to stress or prolonged stress can be believed to lower libido. It’s said that elevated levels of cortisol suppress the body’s natural sex hormones.

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