Bandhas for Women


Moola Bandha (It is also known as the perineum retraction lock)


  • Position yourself in a meditative pose with your knees placed firmly on the floor.
  • Position tour palms on your knees and close your eyes, relaxing your whole body.
  • Breathe in deeply and now by keeping your breath, perform jalandhara bandha.
  • Now contract the muscles in the area of your perineum and pull them in an upward course.
  • Stay in this pose for as long as possible suitably keep your breath.
  • Publish the tightening of the perineum and slowly lift your head up while exhaling.

Word of Caution

This bandha has to be carried out under expert advice, to avert any health hazards.


  • Within this bandha, the area of mooladhara chakra is contracted which compels the apana vayu (essential energy in the abdominal region below the navel) to flow in an upward direction and thus combines with all the prana.
  • This asana generates vitality and helps to enlighten the kundalini.
  • Within this asana the pelvic nerves are aroused as well as the associated sexual and eliminative organs are toned.
  • This asana assists in strengthening of the sphincter muscles of the anus and intestinal peristalsis is stimulated. It’s in this asana that constipation and heaps are effectively eliminated.
  • This bandha depicts the supreme goal of yoga that’s to explore and go through the source (mool) of creation by off-putting the modifications of the brain.  

Vajroli Mudra (It’s also known as the thunderbolt mudra) 


  • Position yourself at almost any comfortable meditative asana.
  • Position your hands on the knees, shut your eyes and unwind.
  • Now attempt to draw your sexual organs upwards by pulling and tensing the lower abdomen and contracting the urinary system.
  • This contraction is identical to the one that is made when a person has an urge to go for urination, but wishes to continue for a certain time.


  • This mudra has a strong hands on the vajra nadi (psychic channel) that provides the sexual organs with energy.
  • Individuals who practice this asana are able to control energy that’s generally lost with the release of the semen.
  • This energy can then be utilized for greater yogic practices.

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