‘Sex’ in fantasies, what does it mean?


Having sex in dreams, is it even possible? Yes, most people do have intercourse in dream. Of course maybe not blatantly, even though it might have been a bit more suitable for unmarried individuals. Well, jokes aside, there are instances when people have dreams where they gender. The active or passive partner could be anybody or anything. Yes, there are times when you will wind up having sex with someone famous like a celebrity actor or actress, or else you may wind up having sex with an animal, there’ll be instances you will have sex with a stranger into your dreams.

sex in dreams

Do these gender dreams mean anything? Is it just that you’re sexually deprived overloaded? I mean I have dreams where I have sex with people. It might be anybody, sometimes I find myself having sex with famous personalities such as Harry Styles, Tom Hiddleston and lots of other people and occasionally I have seen myself having sex with strangers. Truly every dream has a meaning. Here is a listing of sexual fantasies that typically people have and their meanings.

Having sex with someone famous

So, I told you earlier I had sex with Harry Styles, Tom Hiddleston and many other famous characters. What do these dreams mean where you have sex with famous personalities like actors and other famous men and women? When you have sex with actors in your dreams mean you wish for a few spotlight on your own life, some recognition. Maybe it has been happening that you don’t get enough or apt acknowledgment for your job, so this dream just mean that you crave some kind of charge or praise.

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There are dreams where you wind up flying in air. You must be thinking that there’s no link but there is. Flying in dream signifies freedom and freedom that you feel after an orgasm or sexual release. Yes, flying in fantasies signifies sexual release.

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Gender with a previous lover

I personally never had any such dream but have heard it from many of my friends. Having sex with a past lover signifies there your current relationship needs attention. When your current relationship is going through rough patches, you could just see your ex-lover caressing your face and other body components sexually or you are having sex in dreams.

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Having sex with someone of same sex

No, it does not indicate that you are homosexual or bisexual; it simply suggests you have a very powerful relation to the individual. He or she could be your Very Best buddy and you two are really close.    

Getting raped

If you find a fantasy where you are getting raped or perhaps you are about to get raped, it usually means you have started feeling resentful about the opposite sex. You’ve been abused or people have taken advantage, there’s someone who’s damaging your self-esteem.

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