Secrets that Men Keep from Women


Secrets that Men Keep from Women

The equation of connections is a hard one to solve. Most guys in lieu of keeping up with their macho act don’t really show themselves for their girl and before you object, you should know that this can be true for most men. The simple truth is that you do not know your man all that well and sadly, you likely never will. Men won’t ever reveal their true self into some lady; it is too a lot of pride dampener!

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Listed below are the top six secrets men keep from women:

  • The Sentimental Fool: Girls might believe that guys do not really bother about romance    when it’s truly the contrary. Yes, guys can too shed a tiny drop of tear on watching The Notebook, it is only that you’re too busy crying a river lady that you did not notice.
  • They do not like saying I love you all of the time: Your man loves you even once you think that cannot be true. Your perception has accumulated from the fact that he rarely says ‘love you’, but look at everything he’s done to demonstrate that he does love you! Men don’t like saying ‘I love you’ using words, they would rather spend a day looking for you a perfect evening dress and show their love.
  • Commitment is a serious problem: Most guys look like they can do with a relationship and their face beams with a sign of adultery.   Sorry, but you do not know guys all that well after all as guys are very serious about commitment. Well, most are! This is also the reason men take longer to devote to someone (unlike girls) as they need time to figure out whether you are the best one or not.
  • Men are hurt: Believe it or not, however your man gets hurt than you can. So what if he fails to call all his friends home and spends a fortnight whining, complaining and shedding tears of sorrow? The worst part is that being the man that he is, he will likely go to the toilet to lose uncontrollable tears and nobody could possibly understand.

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  • The All Boys Time: You may think that your man is most likely the holiest of all; he never goes to get a night out with his buddies or plays a game of soccer on Sundays. No, he is either with you or ‘work’. Yes, work! Don’t fool yourself lady, every man needs his guy time and throughout that time, he gets drunk, stoned, dances, struggles, watches football games and does exactly the whatever he desires.

All in all, you need to be able to understand that a person always treasures you most in his heart no matter what occurs. Even if he matches his childhood crush whom he always fantasised about or checks out Kate Upton about the television display. Oh, did we tell you men are always checking out other girls? Oops, probably too much info there already.


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