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Gender is thought of as a private affair involving two people. Sex is a not a very complex thing, rather a very simple occurrence. But, it is proved that sex life of two people says a lot about their lifestyle, their relationship with each other and that they are as a person. Yes, there are a lot of couples having sex every day, more than other couples. Why does it occur? Why many couples have more sex than many others? What is the theory behind it? Well, some researches clarify it all.

more sex

A late study reveals that in the event that you wish to know all about a person’s sex life, you are not supposed to examine the person’s or lady’s character but should take a look at their sexual life.

A project was completed where some couples were made to maintain diaries and keep track of the sex routine like how frequently they were having sex. This project revealed a lot about their personalities and preferences in intercourse like how open they were to experiments, their own nervousness around their spouses and other facets that outlined the relationship, on a complete.

In about two weeks, the volunteers, the couples in their mid 20s and early 30s showed the actual number of time that they had sex in a week. When the real time data came out, it had been listed which 278 pairs had sex just 3 to 4 days in two weeks and most of the times guys were the first to commence the sex and not girls. Researchers revealed a few more likely to have sex if girls were open to experience. All these data were asked to present in evaluations.    

However, the research also revealed that when it came to gratification, men and women were rated same ‘openness’. Both the genders were equally available to experiments and experience. The truth was noticed, that was surprising that when men were open, the speed of satisfaction was less, while when women were open to experiments and experiences, the satisfaction level was comparatively higher.

The study here relies on the connections of couple in their early phases of relationships, particularly newlyweds which were still in their honeymoon period. The study failed to record very same sex couples though. The analysis also couldn’t cover all the areas, by which the liberal and conservative localities could be contrasted. That is why the outcomes of the research were not entirely perfect.

Although the final results indicated that there’s no exact number of the quantity of the sex a happy couple has. The ideal balance of sexual activity initiated by both men and women with openness to experience result in a happy relationship.

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