My best Buddy prefers her online Buddies over me


Dear qpid,

One of my greatest friends (17), that I thought of as a possible girlfriend, has been obsessed with speaking on G-chat! She’s on it pretty much every night and generally talks to approximately 10 different people in the exact same time which hardly constitutes as a suitable conversation with any of these! Thing is that she seems obsessed with it and will not come out through the night with us. When I call her, then she has her phone next to the pc and still forms while you’re speaking to her, and pays only half attention to what you’re saying. This is   really impacting our friendship and that I do not know what to do. Talking to her doesn’t appear to have much influence as she does not accept that she has obsession/problem.

online friends over me

Dear Navin,
I would suggest you try talking to her telling her how you feel. Make her know that she is giving more focus to people on the web compared to real friendships she’s assembled   over the years. If it doesn’t make a difference to her, then you have to carry on with your life and other friends you’ve got. Wait for her to realise this on her own as time goes by. People don’t always find the issue when pointed out by other people. Occasionally they simply realise it by themselves. The matter is, with the internet most of us go through phases where we are constantly online and just enjoy the whole thing but what becomes boring after a while, and I am sure your friend will get bored too. Just leave her alone for now.

I am within an affair with my married boss…

Dear qpid,
I’m having an affair with my boss. I really like him and vice versa. I know he will never leave his wife, and am ok with this. However, of-late I’ve started befriending her, therefore I have more access to him. She has no thought baout the affair. Am I wrong?

Dear Buddy,
You know he won’t marry you, so why are you with him? Why would you want to be in a relationship that has no future? I really don’t see this ending well. It would be bad enough if she finds out her husband is having an affair, even worse for her the “other” girl is somebody she called a friend.

What do my secret dreams mean?

Dear qpid,
I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for the past 4 years. I really love her, and we are both certain that we will get married someday in the near future. My issue is that for the last few months, I have been falling with this other woman. I believe she’s wonderful, and also have found myself fantasizing about her. . .constantly! What does this mean? I like my girlfriend, but look to be obsessesed with my dreams for this other girl. I understand this won’t translate into actions from my side but what exactly do my desires mean? I continue thinking about this other woman all of the time.

Dear ND,
Your desires mean you are a normal, healthful male. The fact that you have resisted them leaves you an above-average, ethical and responsible adult. Well done! The temptation is not worth your potential with your girlfriend. But she has a right to know that you are starting to develop feelings for someone else. Tell her that you need these feelings to go off, and then distance yourself from this other girl. You’re thinking marriage so subconciously you may worry about never being with another woman. You can try to spice up your sex life by performing it at various places, with different positions/sex toys. But do not let this other girl ruin what you have with your girlfriend or you won’t ever forgive yourself.


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