Girls and Sex Drive


Women and Sex Drive

Natural sexual changes in women due to ageing

The physical changes in a woman’s body happen due to menopause and reduced estrogen levels. Reduced estrogen results in the thinning of vagina walls, dryness and decreased lubrication. Because of the decreased elasticity of the vagina, intercourse becomes debilitating and might lead to bleeding because of friction as there is no lubrication. The size of the vaginal tract reduces in size as the plumpness or fatty deposits around the vaginal walls have been missing.

Tips for women before having sex

1.  Participate in foreplay

Indulge in foreplay to get a longer time to trigger natural lubrication. Use water-based lubricants such as KY jelly to make sex easy and comfortable. Consult your physician whether Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can help you.


2.  Have a positive frame of mind

Develop a positive mindset towards gender. Many women see menopause as the end of life which is totally absurd. Take pleasure in the stage as you do not have to fret about childbirth or pregnancy. Changes in the vagina especially its minor shrinkage can sometimes provide better sense and pleasure as a result of penetrative friction but you must consider utilizing a lubricant to avoid any injury.


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