Conversation is an art cultivate it


Chat is like    a two-way traffic that should happen easily. The same as traffic has to be smooth   flowing should a conversation.

  • It should be purposeful, pleasant       enjoyable.
  • Arguments lead to nowhere. So avoid them as much as you can.
  • Try not to argue, unless it’s a scientific fact to be established or if it is a matter of spending millions of rupees.
  • Do not disrupt a conversation.
  • Don’t also monopolize a conversation, meaning, you should not be the only person talking. Give everybody an opportunity to relish the dialogue.  
  • In a societal do, discuss common subjects, like the weather, sports, politics, prices of products, clothes etc.. Do not make conversations boring or dull and talking about youself.
  • Do not be criticizing, gossiping, grumbling, locating fault. Nobody likes to be apart of the.
  • If you are always doing this, people will begin avoiding you, without specifying the reason why.
  • Have a nice expression, while talking. Aside from making you look great, in addition, it makes you cringe.  
  • Reading current topics, biographies, books       best sellers, keeps you alive       intriguing. You won’t ever be at a loss of a topic.
  • Art of dialogue includes the art of listening. The majority of the time we hear but don’t really listen. We are all set to give a reply and a rejoinder, without hearing what has been mentioned.
  • If you listen to someone talking, you’re paying him the biggest compliment an
  • will have a friend forever. If you’re in a sales job, then you would have made a customer for life.

–Ratna Khemani


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