Women get Premature Orgasms too!


Women get Premature OrgasmsPremature orgasms are credited to guys but a new study has revealed other details. Surprising proportion of girls, approximately 40 percent, of those 510 questioned in the poll performed by the Portugal based Hospital Magalhaes Lemos, stated that they suffer from early orgasms. Around 3% of these said their problem is chronic.

This sexual dysfunction has ever been linked to men but the researchers needed to explore whether girls are affected by it or not. Because of this, they delivered a questionnaire to girls aged between 18 and 45. They were asked questions pertaining to the frequency of premature orgasms, such as whether they felt a loss of control over their orgasm’s time. They were also asked to link whether such a disorder led to anxiety.

The results demonstrated that around 40 percent of respondents had experienced orgasm earlier than wanted. Women felt the same as guys feel when faced in similar circumstance. If they complete very quickly and their spouse does not, it is going to irritate them a lot. After the woman gets her orgasm, ongoing no more is going to be painful, although the man has not had his. This will make him frustrated and the girl would be abandoned to nurse her guilt.

In another study on American women, it was discovered that more than half the women in the age group 18 to 30 suffered in the state even worse than premature orgasm, the inability to orgasm. Although that specific study cannot be taken to represent all of American girls as research is needed on a broader group of girls. An issue which accentuates this problem is the tendency in women to be shy about telling people about this problem.

Serafim Carvalho, one of the investigators in the Hospital Magalhães Lemos reported that traditionally, female sexual dysfunctions haven’t received as much care as those in males. Carvaolho and his coworkers found some odd references in clinical sciences and some anecdotal reports in his or her practice.

The problem they’ve set out to fix, by doing a study in premature orgasms of women is that the dysfunction is not an officially recognised sexual dysfunction, in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Health, the definitive reference for psychiatrists. But, this type of dysfunction in men is recorded in the guide. The questions posed to women also contained those in their connection satisfaction with their spouse and if this disorder was coming whatsoever.

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