Reasons for Skipping Sex


Reasons for Skipping SexListed below are the most obvious reasons for skipping sex Within your everyday life:

  • Insufficient sleep or irregular sleeping patterns often impact the sexual drive in couples. This can lead to serious sex related issues down the line inducing premature ejaculation or night falls in men. Women also complain of flaws in orgasms which makes sex an un-pleasurable experience for both the couples. The most common excuses that couples follow would be: too tired or need of sleep at nighttime, not feeling well or nauseous whilst indulging in depression, depression, lack of proper mood or inclination and erratic sleeping patterns because of work pressure.
  • Even if couples have sex despite having irregular sleeping patterns; a considerable drop in the frequency also becomes a motive for couples bypassing sex more often.
  • Another reason for people skipping sex is the existence of kids. In a much earlier stage once the children grow from being babies to toddlers, they demand more care and time from both their parents. This often makes the couples rethink their responsibilities in life and redistribute their time based on the growing demands of the child. This frequently makes the couples undermine on the prime time of their lives when they can enjoy the finest sexual years of the lifetime. Thus, rethinking the priorities after marriage and kids often make them jump gender.
  • Girls in their pregnancy frequently are advised to bypass sex till the time they conceive the infant. Sex during pregnancy frequently increases the risks to get an abortion or birth.
  • Aside from that, couples who are physically unfit or biologically unstable are usually shown to have sex less frequently or even bypass it due to difficulties in the body. People carrying cancer cells or some other deadly disease reveal less interest in sexual intercourse.

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