Personality Disorders and Gender


Personality Disorders and Sex

What determines character disorders and sexual characteristics in a man? This has often led to the most strenuous and the most scientifically studied analysis of times. Our sexual behavior is dependent upon psychological, societal and other acquired experiences accumulated over a period of time. Heredity is another important factor to determine personality disorders. Here’s a listing to analyse and diagnose several personality disorders:

  • Personality disorders frequently can be tracked by psychological reactions. The individual tends to respond in intense psychological ways. As widely studied, this is the most frequent characteristic of a character disorder. But this needs a particular level of trained heads and medical experience in order to judge the individual.
  • Character disorders and gender ought to be studied over an extended time period before drawing the necessary decisions.
  • At times, people suffering from personality disorders reach the condition of paranoia more quickly than an average man. This develops due to confusion that they might not initially be able to decipher. Medical expertise often comes useful here as it attempts to reassure the patient about their normalcy and put remainder to their own anxiety.
  • Medically, the individual diagnosed with Schizoid Personality Disorder is asexual. Such types of people often tend to prevent sexual contact or familiarity with a man or a woman and prefers indulging in solitary activities. These people do not get excited by sex. He/she may remain aloof from any bodily contact for an indefinite period of time.
  • Another character disorder which affects people is Histrionic Personality Disorder to constantly turn into a centre of attraction. Such men and women are extremely dramatic and are very sensitive to disapproval and criticism. Individuals with this disorder usually fail at sustaining relationships. It might be diagnosed more in women because usually attention-seeking behavior and sexual art are less socially acceptable by society. A lot of people suffer with borderline instances and are not able to determine until long about where their affiliations lie. Such cases are extremely vulnerable to societal changes and adaptations and they aren’t able to handle any perplexed response from society at large.

To determine problems being confronted, it is always advised to seek expert assistance.

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