Is Homeopathy Effective In Treating Infertility?


According to homeopathic medicine infertility is not seen as a disease but is caused as a result of imbalance in your body which needs to be reversed. Your homeopath doctor are not only going to prescribe remedies for treatment of infertility but recommend other modifications such as your food habits and nutrition, fertility charting, natural health techniques and life style adjustments. These modifications help to increase fertility in both male and female partners.

Homeopathic medicine can reverse infertility since it believes that infertility is caused due to imbalance in your body. The homeopathic physician after taking a comprehensive history and examining you will prescribe any medication. Homeopathic remedies don’t treat only the symptoms in an individual but considers that person needs to be treated as complete (both the body and mind). These treatments aim to see to the imbalance and it will raise your chances of conception.


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