How Lifestyle Affects Sex Life


How Lifestyle Affects Sex Life

There are several reasons why we ought to have a long close look at our lifestyles and make changes to make it healthier, better, and more productive. And if you had not heard, here is an additional reason: A better lifestyle can provide you a much better sex life. Various studies have revealed there is an immediate co-relation between lifestyle issues like obesity and erectile dysfunction. This may be a good time to finally get on that treadmill that’s been acting as a clothing hanger for such a long time.

Doctors say it’s been known for long that if you feel great about yourself, you generally tend to feel much better about your relationships. This means that if you’re getting enough sleep, eating better, and thus living a healthy lifestyle, it could directly translate into a much better and more rewarding sex life. Though there haven’t been any printed results to prove the connection between a great, well balanced diet and your performance in the bedroom, physicians say a poor diet can be the source of many health conditions that could interfere with your sexual life.

In fact, a study conducted on more than 5,500 Danish men and women found that the risk of experiencing sexual dysfunction was as much as 71 per cent higher for men who had been obese. And it is not just weight. The analysis also found that heavy drinkers, smokers and those who take drugs are more likely to suffer with sexual dysfunctions than people who have healthy lifestyles. In reality, other studies have proved that moderate but regular exercise has a beneficial impact on major sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction in men, and low libido in both genders.

Sleep deprivation can be another cause of issues in the sack. Doctors have discovered that men and women who get less than six hours of sleep a night are usually very likely to become more stressed, more tired, as well as coarser than those who slept over 8 hours every night. Less sleep also gives you a lower libido, apart from making you too tired for sex, anyway.

So, here’s the motivation you need. Eat healthy, sleep better, and exercise for a great time between the sheets!


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