How Ageing Can Affect Men’s Sex Life


How Ageing Can Affect Mens Sex LifeThe ‘dirty old man’ is a popular comic caricature who’s about the desire but not the equipment. The idea that sex is only for the young and gravity defying is an absurd one propagated by our civilization. Although it’s wholly untrue that aging guys can’t have a fulfilling sexual life that the fine print states that they should keep their health.

Cardiovascular Issues

An erection is about filling the penile ducts with blood. As it requires a pumping activity healthy veins and arteries are crucial to the process. As men age they may locate their lifestyle catching up with them in the form of high blood pressure. The result is hardening and contraction of the vessels. The erection quality goes down and it may no longer be possible to maintain the same levels of hardness. This pattern can be observed late forties onwards and even sooner based on your cholesterol profile and blood pressure readings.      

Sperm and Testosterone

Testosterone triggers want and as men attain their fifties the creation naturally goes down. This doesn’t indicate that you’re no longer a sexual being. You might take the time to get aroused and the interval between erections will last longer. Testosterone replacement therapy is now a favorite albeit contentious alternative. Most physicians still guidance exercise and diet control to maintain an acceptable degree of this hormone. Sperm counts also declines but most men remain fertile during the majority of their lifetime. If erections aren’t as company they might not have the ability to ejaculate with the same force however.

Other Biological Factors

Ageing problems such as prostate cancer alcoholism and diabetes may severely effect a man’s sex life. While incontinence may cause embarrassment it’s possible to control it through therapy. Regular checkups of the prostate and managing sugar count in diabetics will guarantee a healthy sex life too.


Many prescription medications have been known to hamper aging and desire men may feel at the mercy of pills due to the mounting health issues. It is suggested to ask the physician how your sex life can be affected by your medicine. Counter drugs like Viagra to boost sex drive might become the only option in this case.  

Emotions and Psyche

Ageing men should note that simply the merit of age shouldn’t prevent them from being sexual. To combat age related health problems and remaining sexually expressive should be the mantra. As men age they will find themselves more confident and connected with their emotional selves as they have experience on their side. Human sexuality regardless of the age of a person isn’t just a mechanical-biological functioning. If that were the case we would still be swinging by trees. A sense of emotional well being and high self esteem can do amazing things for our sexual activity because we welcome the onset of gray hair and wrinkles.

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