Exercise Cuts Erectile Dysfunction Risk


Exercises to Avoid Erectile DysfunctionDiet-induced erectile dysfunction can be averted, indicate a research conducted at the East Carolina University.

Research director at the university fed a group of rats chow that reflected the Western diet, high in sugar and with nearly half its calories from fat for 12 weeks. Another group of rats ate a healthier standard rat chow instead. They used rats placed to a “junk food” diet to check the effects of aerobic exercise. They found that exercise effectively improved both erectile dysfunction and the function of vessels that provide blood to the center.

Half of the animals in each group exercised five days a week, working periods on a treadmill. At the end of this 12 weeks, anesthetized animals’ erectile function has been assessed by electrically stimulating the cavernosal nerve, which causes an increase in penile blood circulation and produces an erection.

The researchers also analyzed the rats’ coronary artery to understand how they also reacted to agents that would relax them and keep blood flow to the heart, an indicator of heart health. The findings demonstrated that rats who ate the Western diet plan but stayed sedentary developed erectile dysfunction and badly relaxing coronary arteries. But, individuals who ate the diet exercised were able to stave off these problems. The group of rate who ate the healthy chow were largely able to avoid both erectile dysfunction and coronary artery dysfunction.

The study is appeared online in the American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative, and Comparative Physiology.

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