Can Obesity cause Sex Problems in Men?


Can Obesity cause Sex Problems in Men

If it was not enough for obesity to become such a life threatening disease, it’s made apparent of its own position by threatening our sexual lives. It’s been discovered that obese men find it difficult to perform in bed due to factors like low self esteem andlow self-esteem.

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Psychological Effect

Performance anxiety and reduced self-esteem can be a big issue for guys if they’re obese, what’s with the modelling craze and sexy beach bods which makes the rounds of popular culture, men are becoming more and more miserable in their physique/physical physical fitness levels.

  • Perfomance Anxiety: To be termed as heavy means to be on the extreme end of becoming obese, and then comes the question of very good perfomance in bed. It is certainly a worrying factor to weigh truckloads, thus making your sexual activity too rough or difficult. Also, you will constantly feel a lack of energy and would be lethargic, so reducing your sexual desire, and making your sex life dull and pusing it dangerously on the edge of extinction. You will probably never get past the threshold of the bedroom doorway!  
  • Low Self Esteem: To get butt naked and dive from the sea of sexual appetite can be a nerve wracking experience because obese guys have the fear of rejection owing to excess body weight. Low self-esteem is clear and this makes it hard to speak or create an eye contact with the opposite sex. This way the desire for sex, sexual performance, and also sexual pleasure fall dramatically. We say forget about low self respect and that feeling of pity; be confident and meet the opposite sex eye to eye!And if you truly think you need to lose weight, maintain it.

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Direct Effect of Obesity

The causes for erectile dysfunction are ailments that directly influence vascular function, such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes, and obesity triggers the majority of these diseases. Consequently, if you are obese you suffer from such ailments, which will immediately cause you to get a erectile dysfunction. It’s also feasible for obesity to immediately influence erectile dysfunction by lowering testosterone levels. Testosterone, as you may know is the primary sex hormone in men, and it plays a significant part in both libido and sexual function. When obesity results in other diseases, such as hypertension which are known factors in erectile dysfunction, the manhood suddenly needs a sufficient supply of blood for an erection, also once engorged the vessels would need to close in order to maintain the erection. The ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, higher cholesterol and heart disease contribute to erectile dysfunction by harmful and constricting blood vessels and affecting the blood flow in the penis.

The only sure way to steer away from such complications is to get fight obesity by doing exercises and eating healthy diet. This way the testosterone level will also increase, and you will lose those additional kilos so as to keep healthy and fit.

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