Why does it Pain During Sex?


Sexual pain can sometimes prove to be quite excruciating and difficult to survive. An ordinary sex life is the prime ingredient of a healthy routine. Gender is often considered an effective stress buster and calorie burner that invigorates and rejuvenates. However, all these facets can stop to be important if the episodes are somewhat uncomfortable and painful.

Reasons for Painful Sexual Intercourse

Even though there are several causes which can be recognized as the prime ones accountable for pain during sexual intercourse, a great lovemaking session can also be about the brain. It is very important to approach it with a relaxed and trouble free mind state, for optimum enjoyment. Mental relaxation also helps in managing sexual pain associated problems better.

Reasons for Painful Sexual Intercourse

Painful sex could end up being a nagging problem for you and your spouse. For that reason, it’s important to unravel the causes and treat them at the first as a way to revive pleasure in your sexual life after you can. Some of the major reasons for painful sexual intercourse are:

  • Pain may frequently be an indication of vaginal infections which you may be suffering from. After the penis rubs against the vagina during sex, symptoms of vaginal infection like burning and stinging often intensify, causing sufficient distress and pain. Genital herpes which causes sores could also be among the principal causes of pain during penetration.
  • Vaginal irritation could be an additional reason responsible for painful sexual intercourse. Many products that are typically utilized to invigorate the sexual encounter can actually cause irritation in the uterus. A few of the products may include vaginal sprays, deodorants, gels, creams, and scented tampons. Some women might also develop an irritation for latex condoms and condom flavours. Excessive douching can also be held accountable for it. Irritation can also be blamed on Compounds and deodorising soaps.
  • Still another cause of painful intercourse could be vaginal tightness. Reasons for tightness from the vagina during sex can be primarily attributed to psychological aspects. Sometimes when the mind is preoccupied or invisibly through a sexual activity, the vagina continues to remain tight despite sufficient stimulation. This contributes to strong insight, resulting in intense pain. Vaginal tightness can also occur as a consequence of a possibly serious illness called vaginismus, which leads to muscle spasms and contractions during the course of their sexual activity.
  • Vaginal dryness or lack of lubrication may also be among the causes for painful sex. Deficiency of lubrication can occur if the penetration is tried way too premature without appropriate stimulation, or if the brain remains stressed and preoccupied throughout the course of the act. Dryness can also happen if a condom is used without employing a vaginal lubricator. Vaginal dryness is a common requirement for women who are menopausal or fresh from childbirth.

Therefore, causes of sexual pain may be many. But, the majority of them are at least familiar to a particular extent. Seek medical advice for proper treatments and treatments alongside the ideal sex instruction on painful intercourses.

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