Ways Sex Can Help You Lose Weight


Sweating at the gym daily, going for a walk every morning or jogging every alternate evening, all these activities certainly help you shed those extra pounds. But, after a while, boredom starts taking all these weight loss techniques excite you no longer.

But, there’s always one thing that may make your heart pound however many times you get it done. Yes! You guessed it correctly. The act between the sheets may not bore you. But, does sex help you cut weight? Sure it does! Keep reading to know how it occurs.

Sex and Weight Loss

Gender Burns Calories

You have to re-consider your aims of lying in the bed and seeing your favorite show because there is far more that you are able to do while lying down and that will be much fitter than watching television. Do the fun exercise jointly and burn off as many as 88 calories in one go.

Sex can Reduce Cravings to Fat

Whenever you have sex regularly, it can continue to keep the high-anxiety hormone, cortisol under control. If your body has a high amount of cortisol your appetite for high fat increases. You can even reduce your blood pressure even if everything in your life is not decreasing in place.

Sex Can Double Fat Loss

When you miss out on the precious hours of sleep your body loses its ability to shed fat, no matter how healthy your diet is. But sex causes you to fall asleep like a baby. Sex releases oxytocin, which is cuddle hormone which helps regulate slumber. When your body receives sufficient sleep it may raise the amount of fat that you lose while dieting.

Sex and Weight Loss

Gender can Help you Manage your Diet

Standard sex can improve your body image and give a boost to your self-esteem. When you end up appealing it motivates one to eat healthier.

Good Sex Keeps you Slimmer

When a guy loses weight, they undergo a boost in their own testosterone levels and can observe a reverse in their erectile dysfunction. In girls, exercise can enhance arousal, orgasms and overall satisfaction. But, what appears to be a harder task is maintaining the body weight which you have attained after rigorous weight reduction sessions. Thus, let sex do the needful. At any time you bypass a morning walk be sure to have some fun between the sheets that night.

Losing weight while having some interesting is almost everyone’s dream. So, why don’t you get started yelling!

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