Talking about Sex with Children


If you want your child to have a healthy, respectful and constructive opinion about gender, it’s advisable to start speaking about it early. Talking about sexuality with children could be uncomfortable in the beginning, but it becomes easier with time. This is very significant given the garbage they are subjected to now-a-days through networking along with a peer group chiefly affected by the media.

How to talk to your child about sex

The subject sexuality may refer to various facets, such as physical development, reproduction, types of relationships, making a relationship healthy or unhealthy, sexual behavior, and how to avoid pregnancy and STDs. There are three things That You must remember when looking to open up this subject with your child:

  1. It is fine and even desired to begin talking about this topic to your child as soon as his eighth birthday. If it is well beyond that, take the initiative as soon as possible as it’s never too late!
  2. It may make you very ashamed to talk about such a topic with your child but it is likely to get easier with time if you stay at it.
  3. Find out some simple and acceptable ways of starting a conversation about sexuality and sex.

Most teens say that their parents were the biggest influence in making decisions regarding sex. Moreover, adolescents who report having meaningful conversations with their parents make better choices in their sexual life. To explain this better, children who’ve talk with their parents about sex are more likely to postpone sexual activity till the right era, make lesser partners in their lives and use contraceptives for having safe sex.

You should talk about sex Remembering the child’s age and other factors as discussed below:

  • Three to eight year old kids: The approach needs to be one of answering questions without heading in detail. For example, if a child below eight comes up and asks about babies and how they come, they can be told parents do something that makes it happen. The kid is guaranteed to be curious but inform them that they could be told about their eighth birthday.
  • Eight to twelve year old kids: This age group is the tender period of youth and puberty and the right time to reveal the truth to the kid. If your child has been inquisitive enough, or even if he’s not been and reached age 12, you need to take the initiative. It would be a good idea to spend the help of a publication written by experts on this issue. They also have some pictures to aid you. They need to be advised about the changes expected due to puberty or if these have already started.
  • Twelve to 3 year olds: Your early initiation for favorable outlook to sex life would prepare your child for this final guide towards sexual responsibility. Make your child aware of the reasoned, educated choices before them and what’s ideal for their entire life ahead.

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