Suggestions for Sex during Pregnancy


There are lots of unfounded thoughts that expecting couples might have regarding sex during pregnancy. Sex could be safely practiced in case you’ve got a complication-free pregnancy and require the mandatory care that is needed.

Rough lovemaking has to be avoided through Pregnancy

Many expecting couples are scared to indulge in sex in the fear that they will be hurting their child or a miscarriage may occur. Unless, you are not indulging in rough lovemaking and you are using a normal pregnancy, no harm might come to your baby. And early miscarriages happen due to chromosomal abnormalities or other growth problems in the growing baby. The infant is surrounded and fully protected by the amniotic sac as well as the strong muscles of the uterus. For additional protection there’s a thick mucous plug that is functions as a ‘stopper’ to the cervix and helps prevent infections. Sexual activity and penetration from the person’s penis does not affect the fetus at all.

Normal Pregnancy allows Intercourse

A normal pregnancy that is progressing easily allows you to practice sex through all stages of pregnancy. A normal pregnancy usually means there’s not any risk of complications like miscarriage, preterm labor, vaginal bleeding or spotting, leakage of amniotic fluid, multiple pregnancy and placenta previa (where your placenta is partly or completely covering your cervical opening). Your obstetrician will have the ability to guide you and warning you to having safe sex or to completely abstain from it based on your own pregnancy status.  

sex during pregnancy

Wish for physical intimacy is missing

But besides practicing safe sex what is more important is the changing sexual desire an expectant mother may experience. Though a few pregnant women experience heightened sexual desire throughout the nine months, the others have hardly any need for physical closeness. Sexual drive in women during pregnancy depends on her physical and emotional wellness. Pregnancy discomforts such as morning sickness, mood swings and expanding bellies will leave you feeling tired out completely which may impact your sexual encounter.

  • The very first trimester, with all its side-effects such as morning sickness, nausea and mood swings may make you tired, leaving you in no frame of mind to spark up your sex life during pregnancy.

  • The second trimester may be a little different as the initial sickness of pregnancy disappears and hormonal changes with increased blood circulation to the pelvic region can make your genitals feel complete. There may be vaginal discharge or moistness with additional sensitivity in the breasts which could cause you to feel aroused.

  • The next trimester can leave you feeling uncomfortable with the big belly and other distress such as backaches that can dampen your libido.     In the last trimester, women are more obsessed with the impending shipping and health of the baby that does not make it possible for them to concentrate elsewhere.

Sex drive may change during pregnancy

Many pregnant women will find their sexual encounter fluctuating during their pregnancy that could be further dampened by the distress of having a bulging bump. It is important for couples to understand each others needs and desires.

Guys ought to be caring and supportive for their wives feelings and emotions. There ought to be an open communication line between the man and woman regarding their sexual relationship which during the period of pregnancy can have different expressions of intimacy like cuddling, kissing as well as physical stimulation. Try sex positions which are comfortable for the two of you.

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