Sex ‘superbug’ Could be more Infectious than AIDS


Sex superbug may be more Infectious than AIDS

Health experts have cautioned of a new sexually-transmitted superbug which they fear is more infectious than AIDS. The superbug, the antibiotic-resistant breed of gonorrhoea, was found in Japan two years back. Experts think that the germs’s effects may match those of AIDS.

The superbug is labelled as a great deal worse than AIDS, as the bacteria is much more competitive and will impact more people immediately. Obtaining gonorrhoea from this breed might place someone into septic shock and death in a few days. Nearly 30 million people have died from AIDS related causes globally, but health experts fear that the impact of the gonorrhoea germs is more instantaneous.

Though no deaths against the superbug has been reported thus far, however, William Smith, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors called it a crisis situation as the superbug resists present antibiotic therapy. This gonorrhoea strain, HO41, is classified in the superbug class along with other resistant bacteria like MRSA and CRE.

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