Sex Education and Teenage Pregnancy


Sex education and teenage pregnancies are theories deeply linked with each other. With sex education, the prevalence of adolescent pregnancy boils. Latest studies suggest that comprehensive sex education has decreased the number of adolescent pregnancies.

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Implementing the idea of sex education in schools or colleges not only helps in preventing occurance of adolescent pregnancy, but also in lowering the cases of sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers. Let us understand the approach and the significance of those issues in detail.

Info about Birth Control

  • Gender schooling stands successful if the understanding of birth control pills and their use are made apparent to teenagers. That is evident from the Youth Risk Behaviour Survey (YRBS) carried out by Centre for Disease Control (CDC) at USA. 80 percent of reduced teen pregnancies have been reported to be caused by greater effective practice of contraception techniques one of them.
  • In other words, instruction on childbirth remains vital to efficiently decrease the abortion rate. Most teenagers remain uninformed about the choices available and their effects.

Fundamental Information on Gender

  • Sex education also entails deciding what is to be considered an act of sexual behavior. CDC’s YRBS has stated that 20 percent decrease in adolescent pregnancy since 1991 has been due to better information about what is meant by sexual behavior.
  • Most teenage pregnancies occur due to a lack of comprehension of contraceptives. Reproductive health ought to be given prime importance while imparting sex education to teens.
  • Teenage pregnancies can lead to dropping out of school and possibly a social stigma. Also, latest studies have reasoned that most teenage mothers remain unmarried for a lengthy time.

Value of Comprehensive Sex Education

  • Newest research at University of Washington has established the value of a thorough sex education in comparison to the abstinence-only education. Concerning teen pregnancy, it had been reported that people who obtained comprehensive sexual education, revealed 60 percent lesser chance of becoming pregnant in adolescent.
  • Comprehensive sex education is needed because at no time period should a teenager be ashamed or embarrassed of accepting medical aid. Untimely abortions and stillbirths in cases of pregnancies that remain unnoticed until in a later stage can cause substantial damage to the woman’s reproductive system. Diseases such as anaemia and toxaemia can pose a permanent problem in some cases. This is since a teenager isn’t supposed to have completed her very own period of expansion. Thereforethe premature conceiving of a child leads to a setback in the reproductive system that has not fully adjusted to the changes that the body is undergoing.

Teenage pregnancies should be handled with care. Parents and people around them should support them emotionally and economically. Otherwise, the injury often contributes to permanent psychological damage such as social phobia turning one in an extreme introvert. The accomplishment lies in making them become accountable in lifestyle and towards their own self.

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