Importance of sex education for youngsters


The era of modernisation and progress has opened a Pandora’s Box of opportunities and choices for the youth now. This creates the need for sex education among the youth required. The youngsters are somewhat unpredictable and the risk-taking streak makes them vulnerable.

As far as sex education for youth is concerned, one does see a clear increase in unwanted teen pregnancies, miscarriages, abortions and spread of STDs. This statistical proof also demonstrates how oblivious the youth are in terms of risking their own lives. Precautionary step is the need of the hour. One must know how to handle the restlessness of their youth and channelise their energies into a more purposeful direction. Sex instruction will also expose them to their own gender identity, family responsibility, body images, sexual expression, intimacy and the marriage relationship.

Importance of sex education for youngsters

Imparting sex education to youngsters

  • Introducing sex education in school  curriculum. This may be implemented in private and government schools using a carefully knitted syllabus covering all of the facets of sex education to youth.
  • Various risky behaviors among youth, for example induced sex, indulging in porn, physical abuse may result in early pregnancies. This should form the vital part of the curriculum helping the youth to understand the inhuman aspect of such behaviours.
  • It should also provide the knowledge of contraceptives and the difference between various contraception methods, for example morning pills, contraceptives, condoms and finally abortion. This should also contain the time period for taking these precautions. Many women from diverse age groups don’t have access to this information and also give birth to stillborn infants or even encounter death.
  • Faculties and schools can hold debates and talks on the importance of  gender  education and sensitise teachers and students.
  • A major part of the Indian society lives beneath the poverty line, so, in order to attract the attention of the social stratum, alternative methods of instruction must be approached. Film screenings and visual press showing the seriousness of STDs and life-taking ailments are a couple of suggestions. Aside from that, absolutely free health camps should also be put up that provide condoms and routine health checks to the underprivileged.
  • Make the childhood know, through intensive training programmes, the importance of self worth. Random sexual acts can cause irreparable damage to the human body. Every individual should Learn How to understand the worth of life.
  • Another important point in sex education is to educate the youth about personal hygiene.
  • The youth should not permit the generation gap that they have with their parents come from the way. Consultation with parents, guardians or trusted authorities may be the very best way to put one’s worries to rest.
  • Prejudice and biases stop one from understanding the importance of sex education. Every childhood must undertake this partnership as a duty and not only as program.

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