A Kiss can Spread 80 Million Bacteria


A kiss is a romantic moment between two individuals who are mutually attracted. Kissing, however, can be very damaging to your health. It is also the time when germs are creating out. According to a recent analysis, couples discuss millions of microbes every second they kiss.

kissing and health

Findings of a Recent research

A study at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) asserts that a 10-second kiss is long enough to transfer 80 million germs. The study was published in the journal Microbiome.

For the analysis, 21 couples have been asked questions regarding their eating customs, and in addition they had their mouths swabbed. The queries consisted how many times the couples kissed intimately, if they sucked a whole lot of face and there’s a full tongue contact and saliva exchange. This was to know if they significantly shared salivary microbiota.

From the experiment, one member of each couple was given a probiotic yogurt drink after they had uttered, followed by more making out. Subsequently the swabbed the couples’ mouths and spit to find out whether they moved the yogurt’s bacteria while kissing each other. Those who received the yogurt-y kiss ended up using thrice the quantity of probiotic bacteria after the kiss. The researchers came to conclusion that a 10-second kiss could transfer 80 million — 80 million — bacteria into a spouse’s mouth.

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According to Kort, a microbiologist with the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, shared living habits, like using the exact same toothpaste, might also be impacting couples’ mouths.

In another study, the investigators at the TNO also discovered that tongue germs were more similar among couples when compared with folks who do not know each other.

Still another study on exactly the same lines suggested how harmful kissing can be. The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) cautions that one kiss has a potential to transfer more than 500 different kinds of disease-causing viruses and germs. The most frequent diseases and viruses which you can transmit to each other while kissing are cold sores, cold and mononucleosis.

A Different Point of View

Some research imply kissing can be good for you, based on the fact that in case the diversity in bacteria increases — more different kinds of species. It may improve immunization, letting you develop resistance from exposing yourself to more microorganisms. But it depends upon who you are kissing, and also what types of oral microbial colonies they’ve.

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