How to Speak with Your Partner about Erectile Dysfunction


How to Talk to Your Partner about Erectile Dysfunction

It has frequently been opined that erectile dysfunction is the issue of the man suffering from it. But what’s ignored is the fact that erectile dysfunction affects the spouse in the equation too. Relationships need the fire of attraction to remain alive for them to successfully endure over an extended period of time and erectile dysfunction might be a roadblock but definitely not the mark of the relationship’s death.

Communication with one’s spouse about erectile dysfunction is often fraught with embarrassment and an innate willingness to skirt the issue. However, the problem has to be discussed with an attitude towards solving the problem without affecting the love that binds the relationship.

How to Talk to Your spouse about Erectile Dysfunction

Select the Best time

Don’t jump your spouse’s bones when talking to him about erectile dysfunction. Pick the most appropriate time and discuss the problem at ease. Remember that your spouse has to maintain a comfortable state of mind to discuss the issue at hand. Erectile dysfunction is a sensitive issue and you can’t bring it out in the front of his friends or parents and try and make it a family dilemma.

Let him know you care

It’s given that the news of one’s partner experiencing erectile dysfunction is unsettling, but you have to hold heart and be inviting. Let him know that you care about him and assure him he can share his or her fears and anxieties. This really isn’t the right time to play the blame game. You have to understand that a man suffering from erectile dysfunction can be emotionally and psychologically affected too. Thus, be patient and wait for him to open up to you. Don’t force him and attempt to become his agony aunt.

Boost Him

If your spouse is knowledgeable about the fact that his existing treatment alternative is not really him cope with erectile dysfunction, then encourage him to keep trying. You can be a supportive partner and accompany him to get his visits to the doctor. Research on erectile dysfunction therapy option together and devise a plan to take care of the issue.

Lay out the cards

Have an open discussion with your partner and talk about each other’s sexual desires and fantasies. Erectile dysfunction doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t indulge in sexual activities and satisfy each other. You can speak with your partner about what you anticipate on your connection and vice versa.

Stick to the Issue

The best way to talk with your partner about erectile dysfunction would be to stick to the problem and not waver and talk about how negatively it will now affect the relationship. The key here is to stay favorable without blaming your partner. Moreover, make certain to have sufficient information about erectile dysfunction before you broach the subject as an ill-informed discussion is only going to increase your woes.

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