Moodiness associated with PMS may be a Myth


Moodiness associated with PMS may be a Myth

Moodiness in women before their periods cannot be solely associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS), says that a new study.

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Mood swings, irritability and tension experienced by majority of women before the coming of their menstrual cycle tend to be blamed on PMS. The investigators suggested that while attributing hormonal flux in PMS we often tend to ignore other factors like stress and lack of support of a woman’s partner/family because of her anger and upset mood.

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Dr. Sarah Romans along with her team in the University of Toronto analysed moos of girls at different times of her menstrual cycle, but the team could not draw any obvious pattern or connection between moods and periods. The researchers analyzed many ladies from that in 36 per cent women, there was no clear evidence to demonstrate association between the menstrual cycle. Just 13 percent of those girls had shown association between their negative moods along with the premenstrual phase.

Dr. Romans said that usually when a woman is angry, the first thought which crosses our mind is that she is PMSing. Contrary to the view, she and her team are quite sceptical about it.

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