Tips on How to Get a One Night Stand


Having sex with a person you don’t know can be quite bizarre if things doesn’t go well.

Here are Some of the tips to have a 1 Night Stand

  • Prevent intimate cuddles after intercourse- Your spouse may insist on cuddling after sex. Regardless of who commence it, cuddling is a large mistake in a one night stand. Don’t let intimacy come in and spoil your attitude of just having sex. A simple ‘thank you’ statement is sufficient after one night stand.
  • Be safe- With security is must during one night stand. Since your sexual partner is stranger, you won’t be able to learn his/her status of sexually transmitted disease (STDs). Along with this, your unprotected sexual activity can result in unwanted pregnancy as well. So don’t allow your security take the rear seat instead and be ‘safe’ than ‘sorry’.
  • You can experiment with different sex positions you’re always willing to have. You can try unique items to add excitement and fun to your sex. You can become quite nasty without associating to the sense of guilt.
  • If you aren’t looking for being connected then there is no purpose of ditching your contact particulars. However, asking for contact number is okay but don’t look at another person impolite if she/he declines.
  • Be considerate enough to thank your partner before leaving this is the best you can perform in a one night stand.
  • Prevent taking your date to your own place. You may either go place of your spouse or can book room in a hotel. Doing this can help you to depart the area early in the morning.
  • Don’t tell your partner that the two of you will be buddies and will be connected. Instead you must create your stance clear; there is no purpose of giving false hope to other individual.
  • Always maintain a narrative ready which can be used as a justification if things get ugly or from control.
  • If you’re able to then get out of space prior to your partner wakes up.
  • In case you don’t remember name of the person then do not acknowledge it. Rather it is possible to call him/her with a few nick title and put in personalised feeling.
  • However much fun you had keep your date casual. There is no point discussing personal issues instead, restrict your discussions to time of day or if conditions.

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