One-night stands: Precautions and Complications


One-night stands or just-met sex is known as a single sexual experience between two people with no expectations from both sides for any long term commitment.

Devoid of obligations

These sexual encounters are devoid of any obligations that real sustained relationships have. Since there are “no-strings attached” to these sexual relationships, individuals try to find attention and companionship. Individuals indulging in these sexual activity barely understand one another and have hardly spent any time together. Indulgence in sexual experiences or relationships of these kinds needs to be treated with care since the chances of contracting STDs is more and can be life-threatening in case certain safe-sex precautions are not taken under consideration.

Prevent having sex with strangers

Barely knowing the individual can put you at grave risk of suffering a health state as you’re not aware of the person’s sexual history and physical wellness. Normally, one-night stands are coupled with alcohol and drugs with a belief that it enhances the enjoyment. Nonetheless, this isn’t correct!   In fact ingestion of alcohol or recreational drugs numbs your nervous system and put your thinking thoughts in a limbo making you indulge in risky behavior.

One-night sex or random sex

Having one-night stands or arbitrary sex is a single decision and personal choice entirely. While for some it might be morally wrong but for others it might be experimentation. However, if you’re experimenting with random sex, certain precautions may do the job to your good.

Condom Is Essential

Carry a condom, whether you are a man or a woman. Only condoms provide you greater protection from pregnancy and STDs. Don’t use any other contraceptive methods as it may stop pregnancy but not sexual infections.

Alcohol and medication should be avoided

Don’t consume alcohol or any drugs as they do nothing for creating your sexual encounter special instead they create your thinking process go haywire resulting in risky behavior and indulge in unsafe sex.

  • Do not randomly select a sexual partner rather adhere to a circle of acquaintances, who relatively may have a “safe sex” history.
  • Proceed for routine checkups to rule out any sexually transmitted diseases or diseases.
  • Indulge in casual sex only when you’re emotionally ready as it can be draining and you may feel “used”.


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