Hazards of Any Night Stands


Aside from the risks of contracting STDs, another dangers associated with using a couple of stands are mostly for ladies. This is only because their psychology differs from men. That is evident by the studies on brain chemicals released in the brain through intercourse. They have demonstrated that girls have more to lose by having a one-night stand.

Risks of Any Night Stand

During intercourse a hormone called oxytocin is released in girls. It makes them feel like nurturing their young ones that will come after sex. On the flip side, men receive a fantastic shot of testosterone that actually suppresses the oxytocin. It actually urges them to start looking for another partner.

The man mind is such that it’s makes them look for as many mates as possible, for having many offsprings. An individual can observe the way the male psyche differs from the female. After sexual intercourse, a female’s system tells her to stay in bed and cuddle with hopes of visiting the identical mate tomorrow, that will provide for her. That is the reason why girls feel depressed if they walk out following their hook up. They should develop wise to their psyche and have shame on themselves by refraining from having a one-night stand. Whatever ideas young or older women have of feminism or completely free sex, they ought to understand their development and stay away from casual approach towards a single night stands that are filled with dangers.

Those women who think they need to have their “freedom” like guys for having one-night stands should know that they’ll surely feel bad afterwards. This feeling which is quite close to guilt makes them want to overlook it. The increasing rates of alcoholism in women can be credited with certainty to the casual sex they are indulging in nowadays. They actually feel that they have to be powerful to allow themselves to do something they do not want and their biology reacts against!

It is such a travesty of these occasions that such has been the destiny of the women that they’re actually convincing themselves to do something which they naturally should not. All this just due to the false sense of feeling strong. One-night stands can only offer cheap thrills. Even men, though their biology makes it, are just going to lose out in terms of gaining the confidence of the partner. Aside from the psycho-biological and socio-emotional factors, there’s risk of contracting infections such as AIDS, Gonorrhoea, Herpes, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Genital Warts and others. There are much too many risks of a night stand to gratify these kindly!

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