Flirty Games to Play with your Girlfriend


When all else fails in a connection then there seek support from all things naughty and flirty, it’s sure to heat things up and compensate for all of the boredom that’s murdering the both of you. Take control like a man!

flirting with girlfriendTo have fun and be flirty with your girlfriend demands no effort, it should come naturally to a guy, and it’s great at any point of a connection. It’s nevertheless, ideal for those who have hit at the end of a road and are stuck together with dry spells. The trick to a successful relationship is to be lighthearted and have as much fun as you can. This doesn’t mean you could make her feel uncomfortable and sick within her guts, therefore, be sure she’s equally appreciating these flirty games that you are playing with her. Have fun as you can, there is a lot of time left for all the serious talks!

Create an Erotic Story

You can create an erotic story over text. All this requires is your spare time, your phone, and your crazy imagination. Text a line to your girlfriend such as, “it was a winter night and she had been sitting in a bar”, and let her pick it up out there and give you the next cue. This way the two of you are able to create an erotic story and have fun for as long as you like, might be the night! You need to make it occur as women are relatively the shy ones.

Flirty Fill in the Blanks

You can play fill in the blanks with your girlfriend, but this time using a sexy spin. Write a line such as, “you are so sexy when ———————“, and allow her whole it! This may be fun and you may also ask her to ask you the same. The fun happens when you build the game and don’t dip to the hot pieces.   So the first response to the sterile can be “…. .when you brush your hair”. Then gradually you can get things going.

Truth and Dare

The classic truth and dare can never fail. You can dare her to do some very hot things and truth of course can be about all her dreams and previous boyfriends. But here don’t dare her to do something totally eerie so that she finds it disgusting and begs you to prevent this match. Finest bet would be to continue with playing with truth then may be if she is much more comfortable you can move to dare, but then again understand exactly what mood she is in before daring her to do something crazy.

Twenty Questions

The game Twenty Questions could be enjoyable, but you’ll need to again see that she’s familiar with answering your own questions. You can ask each other questions and let the imagination go wild. This game can be performed while chatting online or texting along with your phones, and the two of you need to be wholly free so as to spend time to get this. You can also tell her to ask you questions and you may reply with the steamiest of replies.

Unexpected Time and Place

When speaking about flirting with your girlfriend, there are ways that you may make things hot. Flirt with her at the most unexpected of places and in the most unexpected time. You can text her at a party filled with elders and family members and ask her to answer, then look at her and give her a naughty smile. Place and time shouldn’t ever matter if you wish to flirt with her.

A relationship is a difficult issue to handle, but you can make things easy by working on it in the simplest of ways. Keeping things light and fun can be the very best way to take care of the hardships of your connection.

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