The Way to Save a Sexless Marriage


How to Save a Sexless Marriage

If you’ve begun to feel like sharing a room with an adult rather than an emotionally and physically intimate spouse, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. You have to be educated about saving your marriage and it won’t do to just let things be as they are. Sex in marriage is important and you want to understand the causes of it getting sexless.

Tips on Saving a Sexless Marriage

  • Know the Real Issue — Lack of sex in your marriage is only a symptom, the actual problem is something else. It is a question of physical familiarity stemming out of a deeper issue. Trying to fix the issue of absence of sex without comprehending the actual cause of concern, the situation is likely to worsen.
  • Work on the Problem — Despite lot of calls on your time in the office, life’s routine activities, children and other people, you can’t go long without fixing your marital troubles. Have honest, candid discussions with your spouse on this issue. Don’t blame your partner for several of the problems. Pent up bitterness, low libido, side-effects of medications or anything might be the cause behind the issue.
  • Do not last the Daily Drudge — The daily routine of work, sleep and home can deprive your connection of the spice you badly need to feel. If you are not conscious about doing something pleasurable about the weekends, then it is very likely to get worse. Remember the days of your dating. Jazz up your life by organizing something exciting, a mountain biking or perhaps planning a holiday.
  • Be more Refreshing — Since you would like to embark on something new, don’t be predictable all the time. Not to say that you need to completely shift your character to another person. Just test out new surprises from time to time. This could mean simple things like altering your approach when going to bed. Try to act in a means that is conducive to evoking the response you need from your partner. Don’t wait for special events like birthdays or anniversaries to be particular. Just let your spouse know that you adore him/her.

Physical intimacy is due to emotional intimacy in long-term relationships. Read our informative article on “The best way to increase emotional intimacy” to turning a new leaf in your life. The very fact that you’re reading this report means having a long-term relationship means a great deal to you. Follow the tips given above but most importantly, never give up in your connection.

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