The Way to Improve Marriage with Greater Intimacy


How to Improve Marriage with Increased Intimacy

To have a successful and happy marriage you must know its building blocks which are love, care, gender, respect, communication and closeness. Here, we’ve discussed how to improve marital love and closeness.

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1.     No communication gap

A little communication gap can create a range of mistakes in a couple. Your life partner should be your very best friend, who should know every important detail of your life. A person knows his or her spouse well and consequently, share all your worries, tensions and problems with him or her.   Hiding items or delaying confessions are likely to develop misunderstandings and misinterpretations of items, thus causing anger and decreased trust. You should be close enough to your husband or wife to ensure that     communication gap doesn’t have any room to develop.

2.     Spend Quality Time, however alone

After union, responsibilities grow and after having kids, they have doubled. Spending time together on a regular basis is no more possible. To boost your union, schedule some time, which you and your partner can spend. Simply cuddling, watching a film or going on a coffee date may provide you ample excellent time to spend together.   In this time, do not speak about money, family or work. Attempt to re-establish your connection with one another and plan to spend more time in one another’s business. Planning an all-alone-romantic-weekend-trip can bring back the lost spark.

3.     Adding spice to your Sex Life

Improved sex life is correlated with increased intimacy. Love-making becomes occasional after couple of years of marriage or it may seem to be an obligation. Have a rest from your hectic life and plan how one to increase intimacy with your partner from the bedroom. Be seductive and put across several innovative ideas to create your sexual life simpler. Try different sex positions, provide a body massage to your spouse, decorate your bedroom or just strip for her or him. These thoughts will include passion and excitement in your married life. Even gentle caresses at unexpected times can excite your partner.

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4.     Show attention

Taking care of your partner does not mean nagging him or her every moment.   Take full note of her or his habits, routines, likes and dislikes. Surprise him or her with unplanned dinners, movie or picnic. Giving him/her presents will also show how much you really love and attention. . Have long conversations and discuss matters that concern him or her or both of you.   Caring about your partner’s sexual desires will please her or him. Never show anger from boycotting the bedroom departing as this result in resentments and misunderstandings.

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5.     Respect each other’s perspectives

A marriage cannot work if the spouses have contradictory value systems. Know each other’s beliefs and admire viewpoints. To know your partner better, speak to him or her about their core values, goals, outlook to life, religious viewpoint and ideas to boost your married life. This increases your compatibility and matters become easier.

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