Swaying Hips is a Sure Indication of Love


Swaying hips is a sure sign of loveMen desirous of becoming more aware of their lady’s eagerness for love should concentrate on their own walk. A new study has shown the influence of a woman as she walks has much to betray about her readiness for creating love. Researchers at the University of Bretagne-Sud, France have revealed that women’s walk become more enchanting when they’re “in the mood”. [Read: Evidence a Girl Likes You]

The researchers have discovered that girls in the peak of their fertility tend to wiggle a lot more than those that are not. This change of behaviour is subtle and occurs at a subconscious level, but makes sense with regards to development. Since the woman appears more attractive in the time when they are fertile, her chances of getting pregnant growth.

In the study, the walk patterns of 103 women were studied with particular focus on the alluring sway characteristic of girls. The subjects were told to sit down in an area in which an attractive guy entered after a time, which smiled at them and carried on a friendly conversation. The subject then went to walk down a corridor to the laboratory, in which they had been told the experiment would take place. Their walks were filmed by the guy following behind.

On reaching the laboratory, girls were requested to have a test due to their saliva. The scientists developed a scale to measure the women’s attractiveness on a scale of 3. The women in the peak of their fertility scored 2.96 as compared to 2.31 by women who were at their least fertile stage. Moreover, the most fertile women took longer to finish the identical short walk. Not only did they walk for a longer time, but their gaits were also regarded as sexier by men. It was a clear indication of menstrual cycle influencing the behaviour of women.

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