Spicing up your Sex Life


Spicing up your Sex LifeYour body is a gift to you and also to whoever you discuss it with. Among the greatest gifts that it gives us and our sexual partners is that the present of sensory pleasure. In regards to pleasure through sex, there are many ways of accomplishing this. Gone are the days when women were supposed to lie there, as passive recipients with no interest in sexual activity. What does it mean for the lady to be on top? It may mean many things: being on top of things, being on top concerning a sexual position, initiating sex, etc. Here we imply all this in order to become actively involved in undergoing sensual pleasure, be it independently, or with a man or another woman.

Enjoy your body

Before we get to the nitty gritty of the sexual situation, we will need to get a couple things clear. Many women are ashamed of their bodies, especially their genitals. There’s not anything to be embarrassed about. No two vulvas are alike, and every one is beautiful, with its inner and outer lips, vagina and clitoris variously sized and colored. The clitoris that is located near where the interior lips meet has sensation as its only purpose. Imagine that! It is a woman’s most sensitive sexual organ. Thus, make friends with your own clitoris and learn how to enjoy your vulva. The vagina secretes its own lubrication and has its own distinctive smell. There’s nothing dirty about it as long as you pay attention to hygiene. Water is enough-there is zero need for soap,
deodorant or douches, which in fact can harm the delicate chemical balance in the vagina.

Enjoy it!

Sex is mediated via the brain and comfort with one’s own body, including the way one’s genitals appearance, smell and texture, is an significant part being able to appreciate one’s own sensuousness, with or without a partner. Yes, you read right. You don’t need a spouse to enjoy sex.

Masturbation is a legitimate sexual activity and doesn’t lead to harm. To the contrary, girls who masturbate are familiar with their body, they know what kind of touching turns them on, what frequency or pressure of thrusting they prefer, etc.. Many women that have not had an orgasm, do this through masturbation. Speaking of orgasm, there is nobody approach to orgasm.

Some girls orgasm only using a vibrator or with oral sex, a few just with vaginal penetration, some with different kinds of stimulation at different times, but whatever it is, every orgasm is as genuine as any other. And, not having a climax is nice too. With all the hype about sex, some people today feel they’ve failed if they do not reach orgasm and place so much stress on themselves or their partner to have one that it leaches all the fun out of sex.

Stay protected, mind and body

For sex to be enjoyable, it needs to be safe. Safety means safety from disease, unwanted pregnancy, pain or injury in addition to security from abuse. For defense against unwanted pregnancy, there’s a vast selection of contraceptives available with the condom being the safest.

The regular use of condoms (significance using a condom each time) provides protection from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. Other contraceptives, like the pill, don’t shield one from sexually transmitted diseases.

Using a condom can add to the fun too, with the variety of flavoured, blossom, textured, vibrating as well as glow-in-the-dark condoms that are available. Try new ways of having your man partner to wear one, such as using your mouth to put it upon him (go to YouTube for instructions).

For oral sex with a woman, you may use a square piece of latex cut from a condom or some bit of a film (the thin plastic film used for wrapping food). If you’re sharing sex toys like vibrators or dildos, please put a fresh condom on to it before another person uses the toy.

Emotional and physical security

Means a No is no and can be known to be. Consenting to a sexual act does not imply consent to all acts, and if any person in the sexual experience wants at any point to discontinue, that must be admired, or what started out as pleasure can soon become a nightmare in real life.

Okay, so we’ve dealt with the more prosaic stuff of hygiene and security. What comes next? Whether you’re having sex using a sex toy or with a person or another woman, there are techniques to vary or increase the kind of stimulation you get. The on top position is one of the simplest and most versatile for this. By being on top, and by bending forward or backward, you can control the amount and type of clitoral stimulation you receive.

If you are having penetrative sex (whether penetration is by a penis, tongue, fingers or sexual toy), then the angle and depth of penetration are largely in your control. Being on top also lets you regulate the frequency and speed of thrusting. If with a partner, you might be facing forward or backward, which is towards your spouse’s feet or face, and you could be in bed or on a chair or where it is comfy for the two of you.

Being on top means that you can set the pace in more ways than one, both literally as well as figuratively. When you have sex with a spouse, it is a shared action. This means that you get to select the initiative as well, deciding on where, when and how you want sex, when you want to act flirty or slutty, and even when you want to just lie there doing nothing!

For a woman who understands how to be on the top, in more ways than you, doing nothing could be amongst the sexiest and most enchanting moves she can create. Try this also!

Spice it up!

  1. Send your partner naughty sexy messages by SMS or handwritten notes positioned by the panties, under the pillow, etc..
  2. Suggest what you would love to do: I wish to remove your? Or I want to kiss your? Leave it to your partner’s creativity sometimes to fill in the blanks!
  3. Have a shower or a bath together. A balti bath together can be a great deal of fun.
  4. Attempt new stuff-new sexual functions, new rankings.
  5. Experiment with new places at home-the kitchen counter tops, the dining table , etc..
  6. Get cozy at several instances of the day-as busy people, you will have to schedule that!
  7. Play with toys. Yes, you will find sex toys for both men and women. Additionally, feather dusters can be quite convenient!
  8. Be lively, not serious about gender. The idea is to have fun, to not tick off another item from your to-do list.


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