How to Communicate Better during Gender


How to Communicate Better during Sex

Successful communication in mattress is enough to make you understand the difference between gender and ‘quality sex’. A lot of us believe too much verbalisation of sexual appetite can ruin intercourse. To the contrary, talking with your spouse about what turns you around during intercourse may significantly make it a memorable one. Creating better communication skills and implementing exactly the same at the act of consummation can go a very long way to making your relationship stronger at both psychological and physiological levels.

Here are few methods to communicate better with your partner in order to add spice to your regular sex life.

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Be Specific

Being specific about your sensual desires is the key to getting a great sex life. Tell your partner what makes you happy in bed and see how it enhances familiarity between both of you. It can be sometimes embarrassing or disheartening for the moment, but for instance, your spouse would also wish to understand what you really want while you make love.

Be Frank yet respectful

Attempt to become frank and avoid sending her confused messages; pay heed to what your spouse has to say and also ask questions so as to clear your doubts in future. Never interrupt or overpower your partner while they’re talking about their needs as it will make them defensive and put an end to your differently fruitful conversation.    

Praise your girl

There is so much to praise in a girl. Begin with a casual conversation to reach the comfortable level. Compliment her everything you can, but do not overdo because she will anyway notice your buttered lies. But don’t overlook the opportunity to praise her both amazing smile she gives you when you look into her eyes.

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Honesty is the key

Be honest while talking to your partner during intercourse. Women love when guys pour their heart out as it provides them a feeling of comfort. Do not simply say what you believe your partner may want to hear in order to satisfy them, rather communicate your wants and needs to your partner. But before that, it’s important to know about your own feelings regarding sex.

Don’t overlook the timing

While having sex, prevent discussing about your sexual problems as it might lead to frustration and disappointment. Save major sexual discussions for the right moment. Bringing up your grievances at the center of the action can cause bitterness in your sexual life.

Not only verbal

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Communication during sex does not always have to be verbal, you can find many different ways in which you can convey your emotions and needs to turn your partner on. Trying different sexual positions will communicate a good deal of things about your motive and needs. Make your love gradual and longer by sharing passionate kisses, playing with her own hair, etc..

Be supportive and encourage your spouse to indulge in communicating her needs to you. Make her feel comfortable by admitting her wants and by giving her suggestions.

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