Exactly how Good is Marriage for Health?


Exactly how Good is Marriage for Health

Marriage might not seem as blissful as the idea of spending an whole life with the one you love. For instance, how repelling is your thought of waking up at 6 a.m., which makes tea preparing breakfast, getting the kids up and dressing them to school? Ah! And is there a period it off? Even for a short while? Well, let us not even go down that lane. But hey! Marriage is not all that awful. Sure, it isn’t a happily ever after, but it fulfils those wishes about great health and well-being that you sub-consciously want for. Unbelievable? Well, we’ve got evidence.

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While a few banks on health benefits just by their choice of spending life together, one may score more in certain spheres of well-being whereas another sits a few steps back. For instance, while a guy’s sex life is likely to improve after marriage compared with that of a woman’s, a woman’s risk for developing depression is very likely to decrease compared with that of her spouse.

Increased Life Span

Tracking over a million Americans since 1979, the National Longitudinal Mortality Study has shown through its research that married women are 20 per cent less likely to die of different kinds of diseases like cirrhosis of the liver and ovarian cancer while married men are three times less likely to die early compared with their peers. Well, now you know what to do to live longer. And why must it be due to marriage, you think? Because, there’s somebody to nag you to visit the doctor at the first sign of a disorder, you conform to improved lifestyle habits, such as eating on time, sleeping time and more.

Allergic Risk of Diseases

A team of Swedish researchers has found that cohabiting when one’s middle-aged means a reduced risk of dementia together with other diseases like cancer, heart attacks, pneumonia, etc.. A lot of different studies which looked deeper into the subject of “marital bliss” found that Alzheimer’s and other chronic diseases are a lot lower in married people than in unmarried men and women. As far as diseases are involved, the decreased risk is equivocal in women and men.

Lowered Levels of melancholy

Postnuptial depression might not be unheard of, but in reality, it does not exist in a happy marriage. In fact, the possibility of falling into a melancholy pit is reduced if a couple is happily married. According to a research by The Ohio State University, in an average, individuals who had been miserable prior to getting hitched gained greater psychological benefits from marriage compared with their single or relationship counterparts. It was also discovered that union stabilises episodes of depression in women with bipolar disorder. The trend, however, is absent in the case of men. The study attributed the causes to the presence of someone to talk to.

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Reduced Stress

If you think that women experience more stress than men, you’re mistaken. Laboratory experiments have demonstrated that when individuals are given stressful jobs, men create more of the stress hormone cortisol than women. For guys, marriage is likely to curb stress response.

Better Sex Life

While it may seem otherwise, being in a strong connection enhances sex life. We’re strictly referring to a happy and strong connection. Obviously, a miserable relationship is the principal cause for it fumbling down just like a mountain of cards. Getting back to where we had been, according to Discovery Health, married men have more sex than people, that are dating or are single. Unfortunately, women’s sex life is not as satisfying as that of men’s in marriage because they feel that they do not get the necessary appreciation they should.

It might be difficult to live with the small nuances of daily life with someone of the opposite sex, but for all of the health benefits of calmness it renders, wouldn’t you take the leap of faith?

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