Common Mistakes to Become Pregnant


Pregnant woman 1Girls trying to conceive often make some mistake that hurt their chances of getting pregnant. Here are the common mistakes which postponed pregnancy:

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  • One of the common mistake that people make while attempting to become pregnant is that they don’t time intercourse during ovulation. Since ovulation is the most fertile period of menstrual cycle it is ideal to time your sex around ovulation. Egg releases during ovulation and lifetimes for about 12 to 24 hours. On missing this fertility window your chances of getting pregnant dramatically goes down.
  • Regular sex reduces the sperm count in addition to quality. Experts are of the view that, having sex on alternative days is ideal for getting pregnant. However, what is important here is to know your ovulation period and time your sex accordingly.
  • Often it happens that girls who face difficulty in getting pregnant start blaming themselves. But, in more than 40% of infertility cases the challenge is in men. If you are not able to conceive even after trying for a year then both the spouses must consult doctor.

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  • Whilst attempting to get pregnant women are so much busy with the true procedure they forget the basic things. Most couples overlook the significance of healthful diet and lifestyle in getting pregnant. Being attentive to small health situations can boost your chances to conceive. Unhealthy eating habits, overweight, stress, smoking and drinking alcohol can radically decrease your chances to conceive.
  • Another common mistake is about consultation with expert. Some women are lucky enough to conceive quickly but if you are less than 35 years old then it is common to take as long as one year to get pregnant. If you’re taking long to conceive then it is wise to speak with your physician, particularly if you have some underlying health issue.

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  • Another common error would be to have sex only on the ovulation day. The issue with this approach is that you might miscalculate your ovulation and end up losing possibility of getting pregnant for a month.
  • Some couples are somewhat obsessed with the best sexual position to conceive. Experts suggest that as soon as men ejaculates bulk of sperms immediately goes towards women’s egg. The leftover liquid only have few sperms. There’s not anything wrong in experimenting with sex position so you lose minimum sperm but do not stress yourself about it.  

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