Babyproof your Relationship Post-Marriage


Babyproof your Relationship Post Marriage

Having a kid fills a couple’s life with joy, but in addition, it threatens the very existence of the romantic relationship. Though most of us may not agree, emotional intimacy may deteriorate with the coming of a baby. It is throughout the perinatal period that fights and hostilities growth, resulting in the couples become disrespectful to one another. Either of the partners feels unappreciated, neglected and lonely. It’s at this juncture, that a couple must anticipate preserving the connection.

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This is the way to babyproof your connection, maintain marital satisfaction and happiness.

  • Be ready: it’s important to anticipate changes which are to befall when the baby is born and be prepared for it. Speak to your spouse and make attempts to bind your relationship. Realise that everyone has to make adjustments when he/she has a infant.
  • Change your roles: The arrival of your baby demands that you loosen gender roles a little i.e. play a function that your spouse did before the baby was born. Men must help their partner in household chores while the latter takes care of the baby. Moreover, a father should try to bond with a baby by participating in everyday ritual of care for the child like by changing the diapers, playing him/her, allowing the mother to choose the much needed rest, etc..
  • Staying connected with your partner: You can avoid a lot of confusion in your relationship by talking to and understanding what your partner feels. Don’t miss the communicating when the children come in the picture. Even in the event that you’ve got less time to spare, reschedule and pull out time to your spouse.
  • Love your partner: Your partner needs support to work out things. He/she was with you before the baby was born and expects you to be about when the baby is born. If you’d like a fulfilling relationship with children, you have to give respect and love to your spouse first. Even if your wife is extremely focused on caring for the infant, do not ground her beneath your premise that she doesn’t love you anymore.   Support and adore her when she needs you the most.

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  • Enjoy yourself and your spouse: Make your partner feel great, appreciated, respected and valued. Thoughtful gestures like ‘thank you’ are not only courteous but also show your support. Thank your partner and appreciate the things that he/she does for you. Show interest in your partner’s work, hobbies, interests and opinions.
  • Acknowledge problems in your connection: You should not be defensive or throw accusations in your partner. Conquer your mistakes and think twice when you are speaking to your spouse about issues you’re going through.

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Couples must continue to maintain their relationship a priority regardless of the baby’s arrival by being cooperative in sharing duties and ensuring that communication stays undamaged.

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