Are you Residing in a Sexless Marriage?


Are you Living in a Sexless Marriage

Deficiency of sex in marital relationships is among the commonest problems faced by people nowadays. How can one determine the quantity of sex required in a married life so the connection is not ascribed as sexless marriage? Despite being such an essential part of a marital relationship, folks feel embarrassed to ask or acknowledge their sexual worries in wedded life.

In a recent poll by India Today, it was found out that only 20 percent of married couples in India had sexual intercourse for more than once per week. Major portion of the remainder 80 percentage couples are sex-deprived or living in sexless marriage. The percentage of satisfied couples was 37% in 2004, that was dipping lower over past few years. The poll has exposed the present condition of marital connections in India.

Reasons For Sexless Marriage

Modern Indian marriages have become indistinguishable to conventional marital relationships that were largely affected by work, kids and family issues. Detailed below are the factors that lead to sexual dissatisfaction in wedded life.

  1. Marriage: Union brings many changes and alterations in most relationships. Through the years, several studies have blamed union for poor sex life. There’s a significant fall in couples wanting to have sex more often after becoming married.
  2. Affluence: The affluence of major city lifestyles has also influenced sexual lives of married couples. Some of the couples don’t fit in one another’s schedule as a result of work-time differences, while others do not believe sex as the critical aspect to strengthen bond between them. Owing to the fact, little cities or cities have marched far ahead in sexual satisfaction level.
  3. Kids: Raising children is one more factor to affect sex in marital relationships. Having kids means less attention to partner, restricted time for one another. Living with children annexe privacy and consume chances of a romantic weekend vacation.
  4. Fantasies: Marriage is also accountable for eliminating excitement from the connection. After union, one gets what was once wanted. Consequently, excitement falls and fantasies fade away.
  5. Lack of Understanding: Lack of comprehension slams baseball relationship. Difference in sexual needs will expand in case you do not discuss it with the partner. In this manner, differing sex drives from the union is another factor leading to sex deprivation.

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