Advantages of Sex for Women


Benefits of Sex for Women

Aside from the gratification of physical craving, sex has lots of health benefits for girls. With the sexual activity, a great deal of emotional and physical changes happen within the body and those have a beneficial effect on both women and men. Study undertaken by the researchers of Women’s Health Programme at Australia’s Monash University have revealed that the women who had sex less than two times a month tend to become sick than the rest.

How Gender Makes Women Healthier

  • Relax with Sex — This is the most obvious fact. Some people affirm that sexual activity is ten times as successful in assisting you to unwind as valium.
  • Gender makes girls look better — There are two hormones which are released in the body as a result of having sex which make women look much better. One of these is oestrogen which is produced in substantial amount during sex. It makes the women’s skin smoother and the hair shinier. Having a sexual relationship raises the degree of pheromone from the body and this has a positive impact on the appearance of a female. She turns more appealing with the growth of pheromone in the body.
  • Have busy sex to lose weight Experimenting with positions in getting sexual activity may be a great way to shed weight. Trying new new styles and places for sex might be just the enticement you had for being busy!
  • Sex sport — Be a game! Have sex. Just ensure that it’s safe. Indulging in sex may be the very best sport but you only have to make sure about your own protection. Every muscle in your body is tightened during intercourse and this is good for health.
  • Skin sex and health — Sex releases perspiration and it might cleanse your skin pores and make it glow. Not only this, having sex at a leisurely manner has been associated with reduction of psoriasis and lessening of rashes and stains on the skin.
  • Heal Depression with Sex — both the oestrogen and endorphins released within the body through sex can give immediate relief from depression. It works even in men beset with prolonged and profound depression.
  • Cure Headaches — Having sex can release tension in nerves that supply blood to the brain. The tension in such nerves often leads to migraines.

In the Monash University study, it had been stated that health benefit of sexual activity in women is particularly determined by the climax. That means women ought to have a satisfying orgasm to make the most of health advantages.

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