Skin Tissue Sperm Raise Fatherhood Hopes


Skin Tissue Sperm Raise Fatherhood Hopes

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have been successful to ‘develop’ an early stage sperm from individual skin cells, promising a potential solution to male infertility.

The research had been carried out to find if they can prompt adult cells and also cause them to a different kind of cell. Besides helping men with fertility issues, findings could also help childhood cancer victims to become daddy. Researchers used mix of chemicals in the analysis to reverse the ‘biological clock’ of skin cells. [Read: Infertility in Men]

Dr. Charles Easley, who headed the research panel, explained that this sperm can be kept for future artificial insemination procedures, but it won’t be helpful for several conditions in men, such as pre-pubertal boys. He explained that the testicular tissue can be stored prior to cancer therapy, but there aren’t any remedies for sterility of those individuals who did not have an chance to save tissue before cancer treatment.

It will be too early to suggest this as a way of male infertility, but breakthrough is still promising.

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