Research: Notebook WiFi May Damage Sperm


Study  laptop wifi may damage sperm

Extended use of laptop by placing it on the lap can harm male sperms, according to a new study published in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility.

For the study, scientists in the united states and Argentina vulnerable sperms taken from 29 men to electromagnetic radiation (which came from the notebook) for four months. Results demonstrated that after four weeks of exposure, the sperm decreased its motility and deveoloped DNA damage.

Additionally, about 25% of sperm stopped moving by virtue of nearer exposure to notebook’s Wifi radiation; but, when the laptop was stored away, just 14 percent of the semen ceased moving.

Researchers also discovered that DNA of the sperm with nine percentage of vulnerability to radiation developed DNA damage. The damages caused are 3 times greater than the harm caused from sperm that are not subjected to radiation.

Researchers, however, reported that the outcomes speculate that by keeping a laptop connected to wireless internet near testes or on lap, can significantly reduce male fertility. They also stated that more vitro and in vivo future studies are required to prove the connection between WIFI radiations and damage to the semen.

In addition to sperm damage, the heat and radiation from the notebook can result in a problem known as ‘toasted skin syndrome’. This condition puts you in a risk of skin cancer by giving rise to damaged and discoloured skin, according to CBS News.

The experiment undertaken by the American and Argentinian team also revealed that sperm were dormant i.e. they swam less often and had irreversible changes in the genetic code.

The findings of the study are suspicious as the study relies on the semen taken from a man’s body. Real life setting might have contributed more backup to the findings.

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