The Way to Discuss Kamasutra with your Partner


How to Discuss Kama Sutra with your PartnerKamasutra is more than just a manual of increasing pleasure in love making. It includes directions on keeping health, behavior with your loved ones, meditation and also the great benefit of using all of your senses for a more pleasing sensuous life.   It emphasises a deeper bonding between you and your partner, after knowing yourself, for not only improved sexual pleasure but also greater bonding in your life.

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Discussing Kamasutra with your spouse

You have to have an open discussion with your partner before trying to practice any of those Kamasutra postures. To start with, it would be a good idea to go through the whole of the publication. Do not make the mistake of bypassing all chapters and coming directly in the sex places. You would barely be vaccinated and run the risk of destroying your sexual health if each of those earlier and later parts of the publication isn’t discussed.

The very best way to discuss the book is to read it together with your spouse and go on talking about each of the subjects. Reading the book together would give you the perfect opportunity of discussing it and also be familiar with its basic concepts.

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Message from Kamasutra: Equal participation

As Kamasutra is more a treatise on the way to have a healthy relationship with your spouse, even the love positions described in it laid emphasis on the equal involvement between the spouses for judicious utilization of their sexual energy. So, the scripture has information for spouses not to be satisfied with the missionary position since it isn’t only monotonous but also renders the women’s role in love making passive.

No position or standing in Kamasutra is biased towards either of the genders in regards to the necessity for involvement. This is in keeping with the principle of using gender as a constructive force for enhancing the bond for a happy married life. The connection between you and your partner brings about greater fulfilment in the sexual activity. The very Sanskrit word “samabhog”, normally understood to mean sexual intercourse, really means equivalent enjoyment.

There are detailed guidelines in Kamasutra to enable couples to have more pleasure. It features beginning by sexless enjoyments that build your rapport with your partner. This might be accomplished by playing games, travelling together and having stimulating conversations. Share all these details of this scripture with your partner as when fun gets simple, it’s likely to rub off to other aspects of the relationship.

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