Love Making the Kamasutra Way


Indian KamasutraKamasutra is a compilation of the considerably more extensive Kama shastras based on the Vedas. The composer, rather compiler of Kamasutra, Vatsayana, merely quotes from what he knew from the big quantities of Kama shastras and place these thoughts in the treatise called Kama shastra.

Love Making Kamasutra Way

Three types of activities are crucial for life to ensure its survival, known as Dharma, Artha and Kama. The first part called Artha ensure the existence of the species, kama makes sure in regards to the transmission of existence from while principles of behaviour and morality are comprised in Dharma which guarantee the cohesive life of their species.

The ancient Indians knew the fundamental needs of people living in a society. Sex and survival of the species are the fundamental governing instincts which bring about the existence of a society. The citizens of this society are requested to enjoy their life with sixty four arts as comprehensive in shastras. Apart from the arts that make a person more desired sexually, love making has been clarified as follows:

  • Twining of a creeper: This the sort of love making where the girl clinging to a man as a creeper draping around a tree while the man lowers his head to kiss her with a “sut sut” noise. The woman embraces and looks lovingly at him.
  • Climbing of a shrub: inside this kind of love making, lady puts her feet on the man’s foot and the other one on his thighs, while passing among her hands to the back and placing another on the shoulders. This generates a climbing gesture followed closely by a cooing or singing kind of noise by the woman.  
  • Mixture of sesame with rice When lovers embrace each other so lovingly in bed that the arms and thighs of both of these were as though engulfing and rubbing against one another, this expression is provided to the love creating.  
  • Mixture of water and milk: The ardent grip or adopt that two lovers find themselves in which seems like they wanted to enter each other’s body. The woman is usually seated on the man’s lap or in front of him in the bed.

Love Making Kamasutra Way

Kamasutra positions are all about leading your own life sensibly and placing your creative faculties for their best use. Despite the title, it basically covers all three aspects of life, i.e. Dharma, Artha and Kama. A few of the customs detailed there might be most appropriate in the current times, but there isn’t any question of their wisdom and advice for life you are able to get from the novels. Aside from advice for a virtuous life, you also find great insights about how best to make your love life more enjoyable.

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